what is painless dentistry?

What Is Painless Dentistry?

If you find yourself getting anxious about your next dental appointment, whether it’s a cleaning or a root canal, one thing is clear: you’re not alone in your anxiety. According to the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, anywhere from 9% to 15% of Americans avoid visiting the dentist due to anxiety or fear, while other studies estimate that number to be closer to 20% or even higher.

Understanding this common fear – and recognizing its prevalence among the general population – has led to huge advances in painless dentistry in recent years, and Greenville Family Dentistry continues to lead the way in painless dentistry in Greenville, SC and throughout Upstate South Carolina.

To be clear, painless dentistry is an approach to dentistry that aims to minimize pain through various methods of sedation. We’ll cover the different types of sedation dentistry in another article – and the benefits of each – but, for now, let’s just say that the whole purpose of painless dentistry is to use medication to help you relax and avoid discomfort or pain during your appointment.

Do You Have Anxiety or Fear of the Dentist?

When talking about painless dentistry, it’s important to distinguish between anxiety and fear. For some patients, the thought of scheduling a dentist appointment evokes feelings of dread or anxiety. For others, the anxiety is more severe, where their palms start sweating or their bodies become tense at the mere mention of the dentist. For still others, their fear of the dentist is a paralyzing phobia – something to be avoided at all costs.

The truth is that people define pain in different ways. While some patients describe themselves as having a low threshold for pain, others seek the benefits of sedation dentistry to avoid any and all possibilities of discomfort or to control their anxiety or agitation in the moments leading up to the procedure. It may be that some patients choose sedation dentistry for a very specific reason, such as neutralizing a sensitive gag reflex, while others would prefer to have virtually no memory of the appointment at all.

For many of our patients, their fear or phobia of the dentist is tied to a specific memory from their childhood or an upsetting experience as an adult. While some patients have a general anxiety of the dentist, others have specific fears that are triggered by specific things. For example, maybe it’s the sight of a dentist filling a needle for local anesthetic. The sound of a drill is among the most common and obvious triggers, but it could also be something more subtle – the dental chair, the lobby, even a smell.

Whatever the trigger – and whatever your level of anxiety or fear – we understand that your concerns are real, and we’re here to ease your fears, ensure your comfort and provide you with lasting peace of mind.

Ensuring Your Comfort at Every Turn.

We understand that your experience with us is about much more than your time during the treatment itself. It begins the moment you walk through the front door. Our friendly and professional staff will welcome you with a smile. The lobby, more spa-like than medical office waiting room, is thoughtfully set up for your comfort. We also work very hard to be on-time for your appointment, minimizing the time you wait.

Once you’re called back, you’ll find that our staff is caring and compassionate, communicating with you every step of the way and asking questions to ensure your comfort. Are you feeling OK? Are you cold – would you like a blanket? Is there a certain type of music we can play to put your mind at ease? We have been practicing painless dentistry long enough to know that these small details can make a big difference in your overall experience with us.

Stop Suffering. Start Exploring the Benefits of Painless Dentistry.

Trust us, we get it. Most people aren’t clearing their calendar to schedule their next dentist appointment, even if they aren’t anxious or afraid of seeing the dentist. What’s unfortunate is that some patients are actually willing to endure pain – for example, the pain associated with a toothache or a cracked tooth – rather than taking advantage of painless dentistry and scheduling the dental treatment they need.

Odd as it may sound, your appointment with us may be one of the more relaxing things on your agenda, thanks to recent advancements in dental technology and practices. With services like IV sedation and nitrous gas sedation readily available at our office, even if you are intensely frightened of the dentist, you can still get the preventative or restorative dental care you need, while significantly reducing the stress you may associate with it. Believe it or not, it can actually be a restful, relaxing experience for you.

If you think we’re overstating our case, we invite you to read a few of our sedation dentistry reviews. That way, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can hear it straight from patients who have struggled with their own anxieties or fears – and found ways to overcome them with our sedation dentistry services.

Request a Painless Dentistry Consultation.

If you’re interested in learning more about painless dentistry, it all starts with a relaxed conversation. We’ll provide you with a free dental exam and talk with you about your anxiety or fears, review your medical history and discuss your sedation dentistry options, all in a warm, welcoming and non-judgmental environment – and all free of charge. You can request your free consultation here or call (864) 877-9111 to speak with a member of our staff. We are always willing to answer your questions – with zero commitment on your part – so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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