Video Testimonial from Jim Osbourne

Thanks to Jim Osbourne for his willingness to participate in our recent video series. So glad you found us, Jim! Below is a transcription of the video above.

My name is Jim Osborne. I had the same dentist for many, many years. He retired, and I was looking for a new dentist. Two very important people to me recommended Dr. Harris and this office.

I started off with just needing general dental care, and then it became very apparent that I had worn my teeth down way beyond a reasonable amount. The decision was made to have him rebuild the entire mouth.

All the time that I come in here I don’t feel like a number. I feel like an individual. Dr. Harris has always made me feel as if it really does matter to him about the dental care that I get.

The apprehension that I had about having the entire mouth redone was set at ease in the manner in which it was done, and I’ve been very happy with it.

When I’m in the chair, Dr. Harris and I can banter at each other. They’ve listened to me when I said there was something that might not have been quite the way I thought it should be, and they checked and there were times when it needed a little tweaking.

They fit me in if I need something. If I have abused one of the teeth and it needs to be fixed, they get me in and they get it fixed and we move on.

Should I recommend where to go, I would say Greenville Family Dentistry. I was looking for a dentist who would give me the professional services I want. I’m getting a friendly environment. It’s certainly a very, very clean facility with state-of-the-art equipment. And I would also say that there’s a friendship relationship with Dr. Harris which makes me feel like I’m more than just a patient.

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