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Greenville Center for Sedation Dentistry

Greenville Sedation Dentistry Testimonials

5 Star Dentist Greenville

James S

Peace of Mind for those terrified of the Dentist

For starters, I’m terrified of the dentist- I literally hadn’t seen one in a few years. I started having some major pain and was directed to see a dentist that offered “sedation”. I looked online for anywhere that would put me completely under instead of the laughing gas method, I found this place.

Long story short, I have easily have the worst case scenario going on with my teeth. The process of getting them all fixed, well… let’s say its going to be a few years. I had to rush some work to hit my insurance before the end of the year, but I didn’t have enough to cover the sedation – I went in with just being numbed. Needless to say, I was trembling the entire time. At the end of the day- I had never experienced or witnessed anyone take such measures to make certain that I was comfortable.

I mean, I’m not a dentist fan… but I will 100% be going back. I also recommend trying this place out if you’re anxious / phobia-ridden of dental work.

As my mouth continues being renewed, I’ll update each visit to let everyone know if my experience changes or not.

5 Star Dentist Greenville

Anonymous Sedation Patient

Apprehensive About the Dentist?

Anyone who is apprehensive about going to the Dentist needs to make an appointment with Dr. Harris. The friendliest staff in town made me feel comfortable and welcome. Their use of modern technology combined with a non-judgemental, patient-first attitude made my visit a stress free experience.

Greenville Family Dentistry Patient Review
5 Star Dentist Greenville

April M.

New Patient

I just went in for a FREE consultation. They even did x-rays for free! I’ve chose them to do my procedure and feel confident they’ll take good care of me during it and the sedation.


Yellow Pages
5 Star Dentist Greenville


Work completed while I sleep!

Dr. Harris and staff are amazing. The staff is the most friendly I’ve ever seen. My treatment plan was easy to understand and follow. I have a lot of anxiety about dental work, however, with the sedation options, they offer I can easily get my dental work completed while I sleep!

5 Star Dentist Greenville

Bryan D.

This is a great dentist. I had to have extensive dental work done on my teeth after not being able to see a dentist for almost a decade. I am terrified of the dentist, and I would avoid them until my teeth fell out, if only they wouldn’t hurt so bad. The only reason I came in to his office is because he promised to knock me out with sedatives to work on my teeth. So far I have had four cavities and eight crowns with two of them being root canals, and they all look great. There are no visible edges to the cavities or huge gaps in the crowns. (And they don’t look like ugly marshmallows!) On top of that, the staff here is very friendly and patient even when you aren’t, lol. My previous dentist did some very bad work, and I’m glad to find a dentist who can fix the horrible ridges on my old fillings and other not-so-good-looking teeth. This is the only dentist I feel comfortable recommending to all of my friends and family. Coming from a man who hates all dentists, that’s a pretty big deal.



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