Salina Arrington Talks About Seeing Dr. Harris for the First Time

Our patient Salina Arringon hails from New Jersey. After relocating to the area, she needed help with a dental issue, so she turned to Dr. Harris based on the recommendation of a friend. We’re so glad she did! Salina is a great patient of ours, and we’re always glad to see her! Thanks, Salina, for participating in our video testimonial series.

My name is Salina Arrington. I relocated from New Jersey. I had this terrible situation, and I had to see a dentist. I said, “Oh, my, this is going to be a big situation. I don’t know any dentists here. What am I going to do?” So I started asking around, and I ran into my good friend Doc. And he told me go to Doctor Harris. He’s the best! You’ll love him. He’s great. He’s gentle. His staff is awesome. So I came, and he was right.

When I first came into the office, I was impressed with the office – very nice! When I got to the back, I was kind of nervous, and they had put out a frame with my name welcoming me here. They were calm, so that made me calm down a lot. They were informative. They gave me all of the information that I needed about the process that I was going to have to go through, and they made me feel at ease and I felt right at home.

He welcomed me. He was very kind. He was very gentle. He explained everything, and the process is going great. Everything that I was expecting happened without any long delays.

I’m so happy with his service and his office and all the people here. They treat you so kind that I’m not going to go anywhere else. This is my dentist for sure. I’ve had a great experience. Everything that he told me that he could do he did, and I would recommend him to anybody.

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