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Nitrous Gas Sedation

Whether you’re sensitive to pain, anxious about certain procedures or downright fearful of the dentist, we can support you with several types of sedation dentistry, including nitrous gas sedation. Perhaps the most well-known form of sedation, nitrous gas (commonly called “laughing gas”) enables patients with high anxiety levels to receive the dental care they need by inducing deep relaxation prior to starting dental work.

With laughing gas sedation, you breathe a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, while our team monitors the levels to ensure your safety. The effects of nitrous oxide occur quickly. Many patients describe feelings of complete and total relaxation, where feelings of anxiety and dread melt away. Others describe a calm, carefree feeling, along with floating or tingling sensations. You typically do not fall asleep while sedated with nitrous oxide and can even speak with us throughout the procedure.

Some of our patients prefer conscious sedation for dental work because they do not like the idea of being “put under” or “put to sleep” with anesthesia. With nitrous gas sedation, you often retain a form of control over the experience, though you may not remember it, and you can recover from the effects of the drug quickly. Unlike IV sedation or oral sedation, you can typically drive yourself home from the appointment.

Cost of Nitrous Oxide Sedation and Your Dental Insurance

The exact amount you pay for treatment will vary based on a number of factors, including your dental treatment plan, insurance coverage and other variables. We work with dental insurance companies and file insurance claims on your behalf. Most insurance plans do not offer full coverage, so we will estimate your expected payment for the remaining balance. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, checks and payment plans from Care Credit. We do not accept Medicaid.

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