Dr. Harris, what do you think about the 87-year-old woman who was charged $2,540 for two fillings at a large dental chain?


We’re so glad you shared this article with us! This is exactly the reason why our office does not belong to any insurance network and why we choose to keep the number of  doctors small. We believe in spending time with each patient and getting to know them. We believe in diagnosing treatment based on each patient’s individual medical history and specific needs, and we believe in completing that treatment in a way that best benefits the patient.

When a new patient comes to our office, we will contact the insurance provider (if there is dental insurance) and will estimate all coverage for any needed treatment. Our Finanacial Coordinator will meet with each patient to discuss payment options BEFORE any appointments are made, so that there are no surprises. We would love the chance to discuss this in detail with you-give us a call at 877.9111!


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