Dr. Harris, I wish my teeth were whiter-is there anything you can do?

Sure! We have a several options that you can choose from. First, you need to decide how much you’d like to spend and whether you’d like to whiten in the office or at home.

In-office bleaching, also called “Boost”, costs $400 but includes at-home bleaching trays for follow up at half price. This procedure takes an hour and a half and will produce the fastest results. We would recommend this for someone who wants instant gratification!

In-home options include bleach trays and Sheer White strips. Sheer White strips are similar to the strips you see in stores, but with a much stronger strength. You can purchase these for $80 per box, which is a five day supply. We recommend these for anyone who is concerned about cost or prefers not to have to make any additional office visits.

The bleach trays are custom made with an impression, then bleach can be purchased in two different strengths. Trays and bleach cost around $200 to start. We recommend these for anyone interested in long term bleaching, as the trays can be used forever. With both strips and trays patients will see results immediately, but will see better results with increased usage.

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