Dr. Harris, check out this article that I found in the December issue of Shape magazine!

Thank you for pointing it out to us! For those of you who didn’t see it, the article is called “Smile Saver” and here’s what it says:

Hate flossing? Nearly half of Americans admit they do-even though brushing cleans just 60% of tooth surfaces. The remaining 40 percent can be reached only by flossing, which explains your dentist’s seeming obsession with the topic. Now there’s an alternative to the dread thread: the Phillips Sonicare Airfloss, a tool that shoots bursts of water and air between teeth to remove bacteria and plaque from your entire mouth in a minute flat. Flossing is still the gold standard, says Pamela Hunte, D.D.S., an NYC dentist, “but if a patient who doesn’t floss uses this I’m happy.”

Call our office today-we have just received the first shipment of Airflossers!

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