Dental Night Guards


For Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Many people clinch or grind their teeth without even realizing it. Often this occurs while sleeping, thus involuntarily. While almost everyone clinches their teeth on occasion, if this clinching or grinding happens regularly it can cause a variety of problems.

This condition—also called bruxism—if left untreated can lead to cracked tooth enamel, jaw or neck pain and headaches. Longer-term affects include, changes to tooth alignment and even facial structure.

While there are many causes and potential treatments for bruxism, night guards are often the quickest, most economical and least invasive of the treatments available. Night guards provide a cushion for clinching and a barrier to contact between the upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding.

Once we determine that a night guard is the right for you we make a mold of your upper and lower teeth so your guard will be a perfect match. The guard is ready in a week or so and you can begin using it. We will continue to follow up with you to make sure the night guard is addressing the issue and determine if any further treatment is recommended.


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