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Dr. Harris is more than a general dentist. He’s a caring professional and a compassionate adviser, driven by 8 core values:


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  • 1. Honesty, Integrity and Trust

    What we say is what we believe.

  • 2. Promptness

    Many dentists aren’t, we are.

  • 3. Serving

    We are here to serve our patients, not us.

  • 4. Compassion

    We empathize with patients that fear the dentist.

  • 5. Teamwork

    Our team is here to help each other help you.

  • 6. Caring

    It is imperative that care is the core of what we do.

  • 7. Listening

    There is no other way to know what our patients’ concerns and desires are.

  • 8. Education

    An informed patient can take more ownership of their treatment.