3T Difference in Dental Care

3 T’s That Make the Difference in Dental Care

We’ve got a challenge for you. Don’t worry, it’s super easy. The next time you’re out and about running errands (or doing your Christmas shopping) take a quick look around and count the number of dental offices you pass. Chances are, you’ll see more offices than you think, especially if you’re passing through the more popular parts of town.

We recently noticed this very thing – the abundance of dental offices in our area – and it got us thinking: with so many dentists in the Greenville area, how do people know which dentist to choose? That question got us thinking about another – and more important – question: why exactly do our patients choose us?

Is it the experience and expertise of Dr. Harris? Our friendly and professional staff? Our warm and welcoming office environment? All of the above? The truth is that there are many talented dentists in Upstate South Carolina, and many of them can say the same about their own practice. We strive to excel in three key areas, and they just so happen to all start with the letter t.

1.) Time

When it comes to scheduling appointments, our philosophy is simple: we opt for quality over quantity. We want your appointment with us to be thorough in every way, and, therefore, we make it a point to spend sufficient time with you. For example, an average teeth cleaning appointment at our office may take 40-50 minutes or even an hour when you include the time needed for X-rays and the evaluation.

If you’re a new patient, you may be here anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours for your first appointment because we want to get a good understanding of the structure of your mouth and your overall oral health. Does that sound like a long appointment? It is. And while we value your time and your busy schedule, we also know that rushing an appointment won’t do anyone any good, especially you. Maybe that’s why so many of our patients have told us – and have commented in our video testimonials – that they never feel like a number when they’re here.

2.) Technology

We invest in the best dental technologies on the market today because we believe these technologies ultimately yield better care for you. Whether it’s software or hardware, these tools and systems allow us to see more, know more and make smarter decisions when it comes to your treatment options. Furthermore, they help us stay one step ahead of potential issues. In some instances, we’ve had patients tell us that their previous dentist never mentioned some of the issues that we’ve uncovered in our very first appointment. More often than not, this fact has nothing to do with the quality of care the patient received from their previous dentist, but rather their previous dentist may not have had the same diagnostic tools that we have at our office.

3.) Thoughtfulness

This last attribute is perhaps the most difficult one to define, but it’s equally important as the other two. What do we mean when we talk about being thoughtful? We mean always putting you – the patient – first, whether it’s greeting you by your first name when you walk through the door, taking the time to answer all of your questions, working around your busy schedule or taking a few extra steps to help alleviate your fears or anxiety. It also means recommending only the treatments and procedures that we would recommend to our closest family and friends. In short, being thoughtful means treating you the same way we want to be treated.

How Can We Help You?

Maybe you haven’t been to the dentist in years and need to get caught up. Maybe you’re not satisfied with your current dentist for whatever reason and want to make a change. Maybe you’re currently in pain but are too nervous, fearful or anxious to take the next step. Whatever the reason, we’re here to answer your questions and earn your trust. To schedule an appointment, request one here or call (864) 877-9111 today.

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