Good food for your teeth

3 Things Not to Skip If You Love Your Teeth

Dental Tips

If you are naturally health-conscious, you might keep a running list of foods and drinks you should avoid to keep your weight down or protect your energy levels. Unfortunately, some foods are crucial to maintaining your oral health, which is why they should be on your permanent good list. Here are three foods and drinks you should never skip if you love your teeth.

1. Cheese

Although you might be tempted to skip the cheese plate due to the snack’s naturally high-calorie count, enjoying a little silky cheese might actually help you to repair dental damage. Cheese is high in several compounds that are known to improve oral health, such as calcium and milk proteins, which can actually help dental enamel to remineralize.

Cheese, milk, and yogurt also contain high levels of health bacteria that can help to crowd out oral bacteria that causes tooth decay. When you eat dairy products, these bacteria are temporarily neutralized, helping to protect your teeth from the effects of after-meal acid attacks.

In fact, studies have shown that indigenous bacteria within cheese can help to reverse dental damage, healing lesions where enamel has already been impacted by bad oral bacteria. Calcium-packed cheese can also help to strengthen dental enamel, helping your teeth to stay strong and stable.

If you are concerned about keeping your daily calorie budget in check while snacking on cheese, consider lower-fat options, such as mozzarella, feta, or even a thin slice of parmesan. Since cheese is incredibly flavorful, you only need a little bit to satisfy your craving and strengthen your teeth.

2. Green Tea

These days, there is no shortage of interesting beverage options, which is why green tea might get passed over for an exotic cup of chai or that boba drink everyone has been raving about.  However, green tea contains powerful natural ingredients that destroy oral bacteria, keeping your gums, teeth, and even your jaw tissue healthier.

In a study that followed 940 Japanese men, individuals who drank green tea daily had far lower levels of periodontal disease, resulting in less gum recession, gingival pockets, and gum bleeding. Although researchers are still trying to understand the exact mechanisms that make green tea so beneficial, they suspect high antioxidant levels help to ward off disease.

Green tea is high in a natural antioxidant called catechin, which interferes with the body’s inflammatory reactions. Since oral bacteria spark inflammation because of the toxins they produce, green tea may suppress this reaction in the gum tissue, keeping things in check.

To make it easier to enjoy green tea, keep some in your house and consider brewing a pot and keeping it in your refrigerator. Add a little green tea to a glass of lemonade for a natural pick-me-up, or drink it all by itself in the morning before work.

3. Wild Salmon

You might not be the biggest fish lover, but wild salmon will love you back by helping your teeth to stay healthy. Since wild salmon is high in Vitamin D, it can improve your calcium absorption significantly, which means you can gain more benefit from drinking milk and munching on cheese.

Salmon is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which relieve inflammation, and selenium, which supports immunity. Additionally, salmon is packed with phosphorus, further improving calcium absorption, while hardening your bones and teeth.

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